Health + Safety

Parents can check their worries at the door! Upon registration at The Kennel Club LAX, we record your pet’s medical history, personality profile, and all of their special needs. We oversee their individual diet and grooming, administer any required medication, and of course provide them with plenty of TLC! Key highlights of the health and saftey provisions for your pets include:

A Clean, Caring Environment

We use an advanced air exchange system, so your pet’s environment is temperature controlled with fresh and clean air. Our cleaning and flushing systems have been installed to maintain the most sanitary conditions possible. The Kennel Club’s interior design was created to ensure a safe setting for the pets. In addition, the members of our staff are not merely animal lovers, they’re also trained for animal emergencies.

Healthy Guests

In order to protect your pet’s health, The Kennel Club guests must be current on all vaccinations before lodging. We recommend that pets with overdue vaccination receive them at least two weeks before their stay. All guests are checked for fleas upon arrival, and if needed, a flea bath is required. Your pet may also enjoy a top of the line beauty treatment or a refreshing bath before going home as an added service.

Vet on Call – 24/7

The Kennel Club LAX has access to veterinarians 24 hours a day. We also have a night attendant to oversee the comfort of the pets and provide a convenient service to our clients. After hour drop off or pick up can be scheduled so that you can reunite with your loved one as soon as you’re back in town!

Your Food or Ours

The food here is great! However, if your pet has special needs or is sensitive to a change in diet, you’re welcome to supply your pet’s regular cuisine, at no extra cost. In fact, we recommend that first time guests receive a familiar meal while being introduced to their new surroundings.

Pricing Information:
Medication Administration (Costs are the same for all dogs and cats staying at The Kennel Club)
Pills/Capsules/Vitamins $2 per administration (not per medication)
Vitamins NO Charge only if given in meal
Insulin Injections $7.50 per injection
Fluids $10 per administration