We proudly offer a variety of accommodations for the individual needs of each and every pet. Whether lodging a dog, cat, or exotic, we’re sure that you’ll agree there is no better choice than The Kennel Club LAX!


Your cat will “paw”sitively purr with delight while vacationing in our cheerful and sunny accommodations. Our feline suits are separated from our k9 suits to allow a peaceful and a stress free environment. Your cat will listen to calming music while getting lots of love from our 24 hour kitty loving staff. We are dedicated to spoiling your kitty and ensuring your peace of mind.

The Kennel Club LAX provides six different cat condo accommodations. Each condo is outfitted with plush beds, blankets and resting benches. You may choose from a standard window or VIK (Very important kitty). VIK suites are available for the more sophisticated or playful feline guest.

Pricing Information:
Cat Condo Accomodations 1st Cat Each Additional Cat
Single Cat Condo $24/day *Not Suitable for 2 cats*
Luxury Window Condo $27/day *Not Suitable for 2 cats*
Standard Double Condo $28/day $14.00/ half off
Day & Night Condo $30/day $15.00/ half off
Double Window Condo $32/day $16.00/ half off
VIK Condo $40/day $20.00/ half off

Maid service is provided throughout the day providing fresh litter and clean linens.

The Kennel Club LAX serves a variety of high quality cat food and of course treats. Should your feline friend prefer his/her own food, we will be happy to serve it. Our knowledgeable staff is well trained to give medication and care to the special needs cat.

We love cats and know cats love to play! While your favorite feline friend’s room is being cleaned she/he will frolic in our kitty playground. This play area is designed to stimulate the natural instinct to jump, scratch, run, and play. We provide toys and visual distractions to entertain felines with all personalities.

For the feline that requires some extra TLC the Kennel Club LAX offers a variety of extra activities your cat may purr-take in.

Don’t forget to end your cat’s vacation with a therapeutic spa treatment!